Cold pressed oil – take 100% natural advantages

Cold Pressed Oils.

The main difference between Cold pressed and refined oils is that no solvent is used in the oil extraction process. The oil is squeezed out by mechanical pressure – pressing with a press – in the traditional way, as it was done in earlier times.

These oils do not need to be heated at very high temperatures afterwards, thus they are called “cold pressed”. The controlled temperature, as well as the absence of chemical solvents, help to maintain the maximum nutritional composition, as well as the specific aroma of the seed from which it is obtained; for example, cold pressed sesame oil has a distinct sesame seed flavour, and pumpkin seed oil has a pumpkin seed flavour.

It is far more advisable to use cold-pressed oils than refined oils in your daily nourishment.

Benefits of cold-pressed oils for the immune system.

Since the cold-pressed process does not use chemicals or expose it to high temperatures, it is quite logical that the resulting oil retains essential healthy nutrients. The cells of the immune system have different roles and functions. Cold pressed oils boost your immunity in its role – protecting your health and absorbing natural nutrients.

Cold pressed oils are ensuring greater biological diversity of the oil and preserving all nutrients, natural fats and Phyto cannabidiol intact. No chemicals, solvents, gases or other additives are used in the process, oil contains no preservatives.

As result of hemp processing method used, there are three sorts of oils that can be found on the market:

  • CBD isolate
  • Broad spectrum oils
  • Full spectrum oils

What is the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD or CBG isolate?

  1. CBD or CBG isolate: contains single molecule CBD or CBG 99,9%.
  2. Broad spectrum: at least one canabiniod is excluded (mostly thc).
  3. Full spectrum: contains all canabidiods, including thc (<0,2%).

Beside its composition, there are differences in production method for this groups of oils.

For production of the CBD or CBG isolate it is necessary to undergo the hemp plant into complex chemical isolation and separation steps which are including: extraction, winterisation, filtration, decarboxylation, distillation and/ or crystallization’s. CBG isolate are the most processed extract, and as we earlier said it contains 99% CBD , therefore it is lacking other canabidiods and beneficial terpenes and flavonoids.

For Broad spectrum oils production, is necessary to undergo the hemp plant into chemical processes which are including: extraction, refinement, formulation. Broad spectrum oils include a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but typically it has THC completely removed. Broad-spectrum oils compared to isolate and full spectrum oils present a middle ground, it provides some degree of “entourage effect,” where the combined action of different cannabis compounds may enhance the overall therapeutic effects.

For Full spectrum oils can be produced by two main processes: -chemical extraction by the usage of CO2 or ethanol or cold pressed extraction.

Full spectrum oils are containing all the naturally occurring compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, cannabidioids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBGA…).

Full spectrum products are giving the complete entourage effects, meaning that all the components found in cannabis plant are complementary, as well as they have individual benefits, consummation of all of the compounds together is boosting their effects and resulting in stronger actions.

Cold-pressed CBD oil with hemp case oil and MCT oil can be found <here>

Cold-pressed CBG oil with carrier Hemp case oil and MCT oil can be found <here>



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