Skin care

Instructions for use: before applying our cosmetic products please clean your face with warm water or by using a cleansing oil. Use small amounts of our cream and oil.

The main ingredient, HempCAP™, penetrates several skin layers, the dermis and epidermis, until it enters the peripheral circulation and activates its effects.

We must note that HempCAP™ regulates sub-skinned impurities and inflammations, therefore there is the possibility of some skin irritation within the first few days of use, this is a perfectly normal process of skin rehabilitation and the inflammatory processes (self-cleaning).

After two weeks of using our cosmetic products you will notice an significant improvement in the condition of your skin.

Treating various ranges of skin conditions

The wide range of medical and pharmaceutical studies has shown till now that there are numerous of benefits in using hemp-based products for nourishing but as well treating skin conditions.
Full range of our micro-encapsulated CBG-CBG products are muti beneficial for the skin nourishing and treating various types of skin conditions.

  • Skin aging, hydration, inflammation, skin damage renewal

CBG and CBD were found to modulate several key genes for skin aging, hydration, and inflammation. CBG significantly boosts Collagen I, III and IV, together CBG and CBD promote the expression of skin elastin, fibronectin*(critical for skin growth and wound healing), it is regulating key hydration gene hyaluronic synthase and fibroblast growth factor which are important in wrinkle reduction and proliferation of skin cells, regulating interleukin anti-inflammatory cytokine.

  • Most powerful antioxidant

Several factors including sun damage, chemicals, and pollution can induce inflammation and intracellular reactive oxygen species , which is amplified during the inflammatory response and it is main cause of acceleration of skin aging. Results show that both CBG and CBD significantly and up to 1800 more potent than ascorbic acid, therefore it has not only strong antioxidant properties but also successfully penetrate dermal cells and scavenge damaging ROS inside cell itself.

Protects against UVA and UVB -induced inflammation and photoaging

Extended exposure to UVB and UVA triggers a cascade of inflammation and production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that play a key role in skin photoaging. Specifically, UVA enhances interleukin-6 (IL-6) secretion, while CBG-CBD significantly inhibited IL-6 productions.

  • CBG Protects against Chemical and C. acnes-Induced Inflammation

Studies results showed that CBD-CBG does dependently reduce C. acnes (Cutibacterium acnes), far more potent than the anti-inflammatory medicine.

  • Improves skin barrier functions and reduces the appearance of redness

Treating various forms of dermatitis -erythema, papules eczema and deep fissures, clinically proven reduces skin inflammation and increases skin barrier function.

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