What is the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil?

Hemp seed oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are different products. However, both are from the same plant species and have antioxidant effects.
First of all, it is important to note that there is a lot of confusion around the names of these products, Hemp oil is another way people may refer to CBD oil. However, some also call hemp seed oil as hemp oil.

CBD oil uses the stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant in its production. They contain a higher concentration of CBD, a substance with numerous potential health benefits.

Meanwhile, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The seeds do not contain CBD, but still have a rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids and beneficial bioactive compounds that may also have health benefits.

A better understanding of hemp seed oil and CBD oil can enable physicians and consumers to choose the safest and most appropriate product.

Hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. Contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid and other nutritional antioxidants. It is also rich in vitamin B and vitamin D. People will not feel “high” when using it of hemp seed oil, because it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and little to no CBD.

Effects and benefits.

When manufacturers add hemp seed oil to food products, such as snacks, bread, cookies and yogurt, it provides a major source of nutrients.
It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids.
Hemp seed oil also has several potential benefits, including:

  • Providing relief from constipation
  • Providing health benefits for cardiovascular diseases
  • Adjust the immune system
  • Improving the condition of the skin
  • Improving the condition of the gastrointestinal tract

Some other possible benefits of hemp seed oil are:

  • Antioxidant effects
  • Anti-aging effects

Hemp seed oil also contains other components that may provide benefits to consumers.

How is hemp seed oil made?

Manufacturers extract hemp seed oil from the seeds of the hemp plant using, among other things, a cold-press technique.
Because the oil comes from the seeds and not from the leaves, flowers or stems of the cannabis plant, hemp seed oil contains no THC.

CBD oil

Generally, you can find types of CBD oil on the market.
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How is CBD oil made?

CBD oil comes from the flowers and leaves of the plant. With specialized extraction processes, such as cold-pressed extraction process, manufacturers can obtain an extract rich in CBD and other components.

While manufacturers must keep all components intact for full-spectrum CBD oil products, they only need to extract CBD.

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What is the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil, summary:

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil and cold-pressed cannabidiol (CBD) oil both come from the cannabis plant, but are not the same.

CBD oil comes from the flowers, leaves and stems, while hemp seed oil uses extracts from the seeds of the cannabis plant.
Products containing hemp seed and CBD oil generally do not cause a high because the THC content, if any, is usually very low.
Hemp seed oil contains little percentage to no percentage of CBD.

CBD oil and hemp seed oil have numerous potential health benefits, but because research is limited, scientists must continue to study them.

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